The "Three Saints" are the nickname for the three tallest peaks in Southern California ("san" means "saint" in Spanish).  These Three Saints are the three peaks that we hike during the 8,000 Meter Challenge, our agency's signature event, which embodies our agency mission, culture, history, and values.  

San Antonio Elevation: 10,064'


 Nickname:  Mt Baldy
Known For: Skiing and Training
Managedas:  National Forest
Personality: This is the skier's mountain, with several distinct bowls, the historic San Antonio Ski Hut, and the famous Mt Baldy Ski Lifts.  The skiing on San Antonio is featured in Lou Dawson's 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America, and is often written about in ski magazines such as Powder, partly because of its unique proximity to Los Angeles and So Cal beaches.  This mountain is active and higher-paced, and often used to train for other mountains.  It is quite common to see folks hitting their stop watch as they summit.  Baldy is steep and rugged.  Baldy also hosts the annual, grueling, "Run to the Top."  ​ 

San Gorgonio ​Elevation: 11,502'


 Nickname:  Old Greyback, San "G"
Known For: Hiking and Backpacking
Managed as:  Wilderness
Personality: Although San G is the highest of the three peaks, it is the most mellow.  It usually has good year round running water, and is most suitable for backcountry camping.  The trails are long, but well-graded.  San G is the quietest of the three peaks, and perhaps the best place in So Cal to get away from the hustle and bustle below.      

San Jacinto ​Elevation: 10,804'


 Nickname:  San "Jack"
Known For: Pacific Crest Trail, Tram, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
Managed as:  State Park
Personality: San Jacinto has two world-class natural features to challenge any outdoor enthusiast:  1) Tahquitz Rock, 2) Snow Creek.  Tahquitz is a massive granite monolith featuring outstanding traditional multi-pitch rock climbing, and Snow Creek is one of the longest, steepest snow couloirs in North America.  Both of these are outstanding destinations in and of themselves, but also world-class training for big wall climbers and high altitude mountaineers.  The Palm Springs Tramway offers visitors a thrilling lift through numerous biomes, with great bouldering and cross country skiing at the top.  San Jack is a must-do So Cal experience.